My name is Tito Toivola, born 1979, married with Anna, one child, Erin (born 2009) and living in Helsinki. Interests in Cars, Gadgets and Harley’s (Davidson).

B2B, Mobility, Unified Communication, Social Network, consulting, customer service, innovation, information technology, international sales

I work for Sonera part of TeliaSonera Group which is the 5th largest telecom operator in Europe.
In Sonera my responsible is for the Mobile business in Large & Public sector.

Mobility Services offers mobile communication services, including voice and data through leading brands in the Nordic and Baltic countries.
Our services include mobile telephony and mobile data via mobile phones or laptops.

We operate through strong brands and are market leaders in Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

In Norway and Finland we are number two and in Denmark we are number three. In Spain, Yoigo is the fourth operator and is positioned as a low-cost operator.

Strategic priorities
The strategic priorities for business area Mobility Services in the coming years are to:

*Defend profitability in the Nordic and Baltic countries
*Develop business models and to meet the mobile data explosion
*Roll out of 4G services

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